** Palm Sunday**
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                         April 13th, 2014**


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We all welcome Charla Scheidle to our congregation! 
Many blessings to you as you join us!


Patrick of Ireland
17 March ca. 461
Patrick was born about 390, in southwest Britain, somewhere between the Severn and the Clyde rivers, son of a deacon and grandson of a priest.  When about sixteen years old, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland.  Until this time, he had, by his own account, cared nothing for God, but now he turned to God for help.  After six years, he either escaped or was freed, made his way to a port 200 miles away, and there persuaded some sailors to take him on to their ship.  He returned to his family much changed, and began to prepare for the priesthood, and to study the Bible.
Around 435, Patrick was commissioned, perhaps by bishops in Gaul and perhaps by the Pope, to go to Ireland as a bishop and missionary.  Four years earlier another bishop, Palladius, had gone to Ireland to preach, but he was no longer there (my sources disagree on whether he had died, or had become discouraged and left Ireland to preach in Scotland).  Patrick made his headquarters at Armagh in the North, where he built a school, and had the protection of the local monarch.  From this base he made extensive missionary journeys, with considerable success.  To say that he single-handedly turned Ireland from a pagan to a Christian country is an exaggeration, but is not far from the truth.
Almost everything we know about him comes from his own writings, available in English in the Ancient Christian Writers series.  He has left us an autobiography (called the Confession), a Letter to Coroticus in which he denounces the slave trade and rebukes the British chieftain Coroticus for taking part in it, and the Lorica (or “Breastplate” a poem traditionally attributed to Patrick), a work that has been called “part prayer, part anthem, and part incantation.
James Kiefer

Note:  A copy of this information is available on our download page.

Note to all:  We will be celebrating the event of Purim this year, as part of our Lenten season.  This event will take place this coming Wednesday evening, March 19th, beginning at 6 pm, in the Parish Hall.  We will be enjoying a Lenten meal together, as well as singing and other activities.  Come, join us!  This event began, and is from the book of Esther.
Esther 25Queen Esther

Christ was tempted in the wilderness....

Christ in the Wilderness, Ivan Kramskoy

As the season of Lent is beginning, remember to pray and know that God is with us all-

Note for those interested in the Reformed Episcopal Missions:

The webpage link for additional information about our churches' missions, and to get your own color, printable copy of the Mission Newsletter that was included in this past Sunday's bulletin is:

This article is also available as a file that you can download and print out, at our News and Articles Link, under the document downloads. 

UPDATE:  Crickie will be home soon, to finish recuperating- Thanks for your prayers!


It is with deepest sorrow that we report the recent passing of our dear, Sister in Christ, Mrs. Virginia Colburn, an outstanding parish member for 84 years!  She passed at the age of 96.   (Virginia's Obiturary is available on our News and Articles link, documents downloads.)
We will miss you very much, Virginia!

Update: Our presentation of The Star was a great success!  We enjoyed watching the film, listening to Dr. Culley, and discussing what we had seen- the movie sparks not only a lot of thinking about the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, but gave us all a profound sense of appreciation for God's awesome power!
An additional note:  We will be offering expanded sessions for those interested in this presentation; delving into more Biblical detail!  Stay tuned for information regarding dates and times!

additional information about this dvd, go to: http://www.bethlehemstar.net/
Grace Church hosts a Bible Study on Monday mornings, in the Parish Hall.  Our Monday Bible Discussion is an interdenominational group that meets to discuss God's story and His journey with Man from the first verse of Genesis to the last words of Revelation.  While we rarely select a given Book for study, preferring to discuss "themes" such as the Character of God, the Seasons of the Church, The Gospel in The Jewish Feasts, and Understanding the Full Gospel, our time always focuses on knowing upon what/whom our faith stands. (2 Timothy 3:16) 
Our group enjoys open conversation with a good exchange of questions and answers all with the intent to enable participants to defend their Christian faith.  No matter your level of Biblical understanding, I believe you will gain insight from your time with us at Grace Church.  Our mission, in our discussion, is to make the Word of God real in your life. 
Come and enjoy time with us every Monday, from 10:00 until noon,
and grow in His Grace!
In His Grace,  Bob Appleton
Yeah!  We are all so happy that Bob Appleton has been ordinated into the Reformed Episcopal Church!  The ceremony which took place on Saturday, December 28th was a wonderful event that we all enjoyed-
Congratulations, Bob!
Grace Church will be hosting a division of the Campus Life Youth Program.  This will be the Havre de Grace area's location, and this program is geared towards Middle School and High School age young adults. We are now in the process of doing outreach activities to encourage attendance.
Visit their website for more information:  http://www.yfc.net/campuslife/ and for the Harford County Chapter- http://www.mmyfc.org/ministries/campus_life/harford_county_campus_life/
 Our Morning Prayer on Wednesdays will resume on Wednesdays, at 9 am at Grace Church.  Come and join us for prayers and meditation.
It's winter!  As you celebrate events and get-togethers with friends and family, please remember to pray to God for his blessings upon our country.  This country was founded upon Christian values, moral beliefs, strong work ethics and religious freedoms and liberties.  We need to help others understand this, and protect it.  Enjoy your holidays and fun!